For online shooting, you need good light, the Internet and a photo application for your phone (it's free).


I will offer you a choice of several ideas and images for you, put together a moodboard for poses, we choose the day and time of shooting (you need good daylight, from a window or on the street, depends on our idea).

               I call you and take a picture:

  • I suggest and even show all the poses
  • you can change few looks
  • 1 hour of shooting
  • as a result 10 different photos in good quality with retouching in 2 days after shooting (you can select photos for retouching yourself + all taken photos remain in your phone’s memory)
  • photo quality depends on your phone's camera
  • a tripod will greatly facilitate the task, but it is not required


For whom is this online shooting?


If you are in a very remote place on our planet and there are no good photographers nearby.

If there are photographers, but you only love me.

If you have long wanted to get to my shooting, but we are far from each other.

If you do not want to leave your home and your comfort zone, but you need content or memory.

If you do not want to quarrel with your husband / boyfriend because of the photos on vacation; if you are on your own.